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Business Leadership Experts is the premier podcast for your growth as a leader. You will hear from industry experts Mike Temple, Ann Holm, and Donna Febus who have advised experienced business owners since 2008 in strategy development, leadership development and business accounting. We provide you with Real and Practical leadership advice for your business. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, CEO or a department manager, this podcast will help you understand how to build success in your respective discipline. Don't wait and subscribe to never miss an episode. Brought by Temple Executive Coaching

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Finding your legacy mojo involves 5 steps (known as the sage powers): empathize (for self and others). Investigate (what is the lay of the  land), innovate (what are my options then REALLY looking hard at my values and what’s most important (called navigate) them committing bold  action (ACTIVATE) that uses your values to choose a course so you can  show up meaningfully every day.

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