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"Import Export Made Easy” is a podcast hosted by Lance Scoular the Savvy Navigator, for those Navigating the Minefield of International Trade, such as Importers, Exporters and Global Traders of Products or those who serve them, providing “the nuts and bolts” and “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” of trading goods between counties.

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The three key concepts in Import Export are three words: RISK NEGOTIATION SYSTEMS 1 – RISK 6 Major Areas of RISK to avoid in International Trade. 1. Identify Your Risks Use the CASTLE Strategy to minimise your RISK in International Trade The Powerful acronym – CASTLE C-A-S-T-L-E: Credit risk Assignment risk Supply risk Transport risk Legal risk Exchange risk 2. Ascertain Control Measures you can adopt 3. Mitigate your Risk by Putting the Control Measures into action 2 - NEGOTIATION. Negotiation is a Key Foundation for successful Importing & Exporting 1. Research in preparation for your Negotiation 2. Plan your strategies before negotiation 3. Implement your negotiation 3 – SYSTEMS Developing efficient Systems is critical for your Import/Export Business 1. Determine the procedures and processes required for your project 2. List the required documents 3. Establish your own SYSTEMs and a TEAM to implement them.

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