Rebab - Indian Myth and Folklore

Rebab - Indian Myth and Folklore dari Mrudula Govindaraju

Mrudula Govindaraju

Rebab - Indian Myth and Folklore is a podcast of stories from myth and folklore of India. The Rebab is one of the oldest bowed string instruments. It is the prototype from which many other bowed instruments originated. Used as an accompaniment by epic storytellers and wandering minstrels, the Rebab, which originated in West Asia, spread in its various avatars along trade routes over much of South and Southeast Asia, North Africa and parts of Europe. I am Mrudula Govindaraju (I can’t play the Rebab), but I will tell you fantastic stories.

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Deepavali or Diwali is a Festival of Lights Indians all over the world celebrate to honour the victory of a warrior queen, Sathyabama against the demon, Narakasura.

Art: Satwik Gade

Sound Design and Effects: Swetha Gupta

Script: Mrudula Govindaraju

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