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Dr. Richard R. Shurtz

Tech Talk Radio is informed and lively commentary about technology. It is a mix of technology, people, politics, careers, and trends. Tech Talk Radio airs each Saturday from 9 to 10 AM in Washington DC on WFED, which broadcasts at 1500 AM. Tech Talk Radio has been broadcasting weekly since June 2000. Prior to 2007, Tech Talk Radio aired on WMAL (630AM), WJFK (106.7FM), and WTWP (107.7FM/1500AM) radio. Most of the weekly broadcasts are still available at This is the most popular tech radio show in Washington DC. Sponsored by Stratford University.

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Laptop initial battery charge, Ethereum (is the end in sight), stolen Bitcoins in El Salvadore (can we trust crypto), inkjet printers with ink tanks (superior to cartridges), storing shared files on NAS (a great small office solution), Profiles in IT (Robert Miner, cofounder Oracle), Observations from the Bunker (startup teams, the showman and the nerd), man who lost 7500 Bitcoins (can be recover them from the dump, value $273M), and NSO Pegasis iPhone hacking exploit (uses zero day vulnerability in CoreGraphics). This show originally aired on Saturday, January 8, 2022, at 9:00 AM EST on WFED (1500 AM).

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