Latina Bachata langsung
Latina Bachata
Luis Miguel del Amargue - Se Acabó Lo Bonito

Se Acabó Lo Bonito

Luis Miguel del Amargue 23 hours ago
Grupo Rush - Jasmine


Grupo Rush 23 hours ago
J'Martin - Dime


J'Martin 23 hours ago
Jose Manuel Calderon - Señora Bachata

Señora Bachata

Jose Manuel Calderon 23 hours ago
Borja Rubio - Sin Ti

Sin Ti

Borja Rubio 23 hours ago
Jhonny Evidence - Vivo Preso

Vivo Preso

Jhonny Evidence 23 hours ago
Enrique Iglesias & Juan Luis Guerra - Tus Besos

Tus Besos

Enrique Iglesias & Juan Luis Guerra 23 hours ago
Toby Love - Te Parece Poco (Radio Version)

Te Parece Poco (Radio Version)

Toby Love 23 hours ago
Grupo Extra - Te Amo Tanto Tanto (Bachata Version)

Te Amo Tanto Tanto (Bachata Version)

Grupo Extra 23 hours ago
El Chaval de la Bachata - Estoy Perdido

Estoy Perdido

El Chaval de la Bachata 23 hours ago
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Latina Bachata langsung

Le Son Latino

For those who carry the rhythm of bachata in their soul, Latina Bachata is more than just a radio station—it's a cultural hub. Embracing the essence of this Dominican-born music style, the station serves as a communal space for aficionados within the region to connect with the sounds that define their collective identity.

The programming is a reflection of the community's pulse, featuring an eclectic mix of bachata that ranges from the soul-stirring strums of the requinto to the contemporary beats that have influenced the genre's evolution. It's a celebration of the dance, the music, and the spirit of bachata, delivered with a warmth and familiarity that only a local station can provide.

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Frekuensi Latina Bachata

Paris: Online

Lagu Teratas

7 hari terakhir:

1. Issac Delgado - Que No Se Te Olvide

2. Romeo "La Maravilla" - Siempre Te Amaré

3. Jay Chris - Aquí Estoy Yo

4. Paris - All Of Me (feat. Danny Mercado)

5. Vena - Por Mentiras

6. Migue la Voz Lunatica - Vivamos el momento

7. Nathy Peluso - Ateo

8. Domenic Marte - Ven Tu

9. Jimmy Bauer - Todas Tus Cosas

10. Luis Vargas - Loco de Amor

30 hari terakhir:

1. Angeles De La Bachata - Ya No Puedo Mas

2. Jean - Can't Find Love

3. Laritza Bacallao - Una Lágrima

4. JAMP - Llevarte al Cielo

5. Bori - Masoquista

6. Domenic Marte - Ven Tu

7. Jimmy Bauer - Todas Tus Cosas

8. Domenic Marte - Con los Ojos Cerrados

9. Opalo - Amor Sincero

10. Leslie Grace - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow


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0825 24 10 10


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