Latina Bachata langsung
Latina Bachata
Daniel Santacruz - Radio Rompecorazones

Radio Rompecorazones

Daniel Santacruz 23 hours ago
Raulin Rodriguez - Esta Noche

Esta Noche

Raulin Rodriguez 23 hours ago
Chacal & Yakarta - Luna


Chacal & Yakarta 23 hours ago
Carlos y Alejandra - Tu Dolor de Cabeza

Tu Dolor de Cabeza

Carlos y Alejandra 23 hours ago
El Chaval de la Bachata - Te Burlaste De Mi (Intro)

Te Burlaste De Mi (Intro)

El Chaval de la Bachata 23 hours ago
Prince Royce - La Carretera

La Carretera

Prince Royce 23 hours ago
King of Love - Eres Tu

Eres Tu

King of Love 23 hours ago
Joel Santos - Al Diablo

Al Diablo

Joel Santos 23 hours ago
Xtreme - Te Extraño

Te Extraño

Xtreme 23 hours ago
Jimmy Bauer - Por Ti

Por Ti

Jimmy Bauer 23 hours ago
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Latina Bachata langsung

Le Son Latino

For those who love the captivating rhythms of Bachata, Latina Bachata radio station is the perfect choice. Hailing from Bolivia, this station has become a go-to source for Bachata fans seeking a diverse range of tunes and engaging content. With a lineup that spans from traditional to modern Bachata artists, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Latina Bachata's programs are designed to keep listeners entertained and informed, featuring expertly crafted playlists and hosts who are passionate about the music. So, whether you're a long-time Bachata fan or just discovering the genre, tune in to Latina Bachata for an unforgettable listening experience.

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Frekuensi Latina Bachata

Paris: Online

Lagu Teratas

7 hari terakhir:

1. Grupo Rush - Jasmine

2. DLG - Volveré

3. Leslie Grace - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

4. Jean - Can't Find Love

5. Micky - Una Lágrima (Bachata Version)

6. Vena - Sangre De Mis Venas

7. Jay Chris - Aquí Estoy Yo

8. Migue la Voz Lunatica - Vivamos el momento

9. Jimmy Bauer - Todas Tus Cosas

10. Jimmy Bauer - Por Ti

30 hari terakhir:

1. Jay Chris - Aquí Estoy Yo

2. Migue la Voz Lunatica - Vivamos el momento

3. Vena - Sangre De Mis Venas

4. Yunel Cruz - Dominicanita

5. Natalia Lafourcade & Alex Ferreira - Mala Maña

6. Nigga - Inmortal

7. Jhonny Evidence - Vivo Preso

8. Domenic Marte - Ven Tu

9. Jimmy Bauer - Todas Tus Cosas

10. Jimmy Bauer - Por Ti


Situs web:


Radio Latina 167 Rue du Chevaleret, 75013 Paris, France


0825 24 10 10


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