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Sharing the real-life, no-filter experience of being a father. Follow new dads Matt Battle and Michael Bennett as they navigate life, hear from experts, explore real topics and grow with their children, offering wisdom, advice, inspiration, and real emotions. Welcome to #FATHERHOOD.

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Its Bennett’s birthday and the AARP sent him well-wishes. His dentist gives him abuse and shame and he doesn’t much care for it. Battle might be giving his son a failure complex and doesn’t like Big Egg. The guys discuss being healthier to be better husbands and fathers, but with mixed results. Battle doesn’t have daycare coverage this week and is juggling work and Harrison. He’s also looking for a therapist who won’t fire him or encourage him to join the armed services.

Episode sebelumnya

  • 42 - S3 EP3 - Bennett's Birthday/Demented Dentists/Therapists 
    Fri, 22 Mar 2024
  • 41 - S3 EP2 - "Harry Baby"/Kids Get Parents Sick/Threenagers 
    Fri, 08 Mar 2024
  • 40 - S3 EP1 - Season 3 Premiere 
    Fri, 01 Mar 2024
  • 39 - S2 EP10 - Bennett's Gender Reveal, Harrison's Hospital Visits 
    Mon, 10 Jul 2023
  • 38 - S2 EP9 - Father's Day, Harry Hurts Himself, Bennett's Golf Outing 
    Mon, 19 Jun 2023
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