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Hi everyone, so today I’m gonna speak about Relationships, Love, and Sex. There are people who believe in love and eventually, they do want to get into a relationship. The relationship involves all the good and bad things and a perfect relationship is just MYTH. The relationship is deemed to be healthy when it is filled with Love, Emotions, Respect, Trust and good Sex. Some people despite being in a relationship they don’t want to have sex and mostly it’s misconceived that they are not interested in each other or having an affair or Trust issues… etc

A healthy relationship needs Sex because it is an integral part of Love. In other words, in order to express your love, you need to have a physical connection with your partner and the more you are in connection it means you can express love and affection towards them. Love is an energy that can be transferred through a physical connection and you cannot prove to someone how much you love them through words or giving them a truck lot of money or getting them whatever they want. The actual reason if your partner hesitates to engage with you is at some point you have made them feel in-secured or continue making them in-secured about their appearance or about the relationship. For Ex: a girl loves a guy so much and the guy keeps checking on every other girl in the office or gym or neighborhood and comments like she has beautiful physic or fair or sexy and this happens every day obviously at some point you will leave an impression that you are not interested in your partner anymore and you are bored or some will start feeling that there don’t look good and that’s the only reason you keep completing random girls.

The whole point from the above example is, even when they want to physically engage with you but they are in-secured about their own physic because you never compliment them or never say how beautiful they are or never made them feel they are the only sun and moon in your life, then obviously they will find some reasons to avoid physical intimacy because mentally you have created an impression that you need a girl or guy with excellent physic or she must look sexy and fair and your partner doesn’t even fit in your expectation obviously she/he will feel in-secured about her own body and he/she doesn’t want to be intimate with you only because they are scared that what if you don’t like their body and things get even worse. This goes for both genders even there are guys who will feel secure when their partner doesn’t pay attention or compliment them.

I know that whosoever reading this blog will think that I am an over-thinker, but trust me guys I’m not. We may not know how our mind will play tricks on us, anyone can snap at any time. It is natural for your partner to think that they are the only one in your life and it is absolutely natural to feel possessive when the other Party pays more attention to some random girl or boy. In relation, both of them should comfort each other and that’s how love works. “Love isn’t always about giving sometimes it’s also about receiving”.

The conclusion is most marriages or relationships break because we don't pay attention to our partners and take them for granted. Everyone should learn to love their partner irrespective of colour, physical (doesn't matter is she fat or lean or tall or short) and try not to make them feel In Secured about their own existence or their body because that's the biggest punishment you can give to them. Please remember, "Beauty is temporary and Love is permanent".

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