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Once Upon A Crescent: Muslim Kids Podcast dari Mrs. Hashimi

Mrs. Hashimi

Once Upon a Crescent is a collection of Islamic bedtime stories for children. Written and produced by a Muslim elementary school teacher, these stories aim to impart Islamic morals to kids through light-hearted storytelling. Not only are stories a great way to settle into a bedtime routine, but they also provide rich opportunities for meaningful dialogue between parent and child. Snuggle up with your little one and feel free to use this podcast as a starting point to talk about Islamic values. My goal is to facilitate some important moral conversations by introducing Islamic values with storytelling. For more information go to MrsHashimi.com

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When visiting the children's museum, Deen & Jannah explore the newsroom play zone with Mama. The kids learn about journalists and how they are like real life superheroes ! This episode was sponsored by Sr. Zainab for her kids Deen & Jannah. I hope you enjoyed this episode! Shout- Out to the Journalists in Falasteen who truly are superheroes for our Ummah to look up to and learn from *Motaz, Plestia, Bisan, Ahmed, Mohammed, Saleh, Wael, Hamza, Hind and many more * The following ayahs are referenced in this episode: - “O you who believe! Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even though it be against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin” [an-Nisa’ verse 135].  "Allah enjoins to do justice and to adopt good behavior and to give relatives (their due rights), and forbids shameful acts, evil deeds and oppressive attitude. He exhorts you, so that you may be mindful.  {An-Nahl verse 90} https://mrshashimi.com/contact/ <-- Join My Mailing List for Updates on the Next Season inshaAllah :) Sound Effects Obtained from zapsplat.com & freesound.org

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