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Thriving with 8 Podcast dari Candace Larson: Christian mother of 8

Candace Larson: Christian mother of 8

Thriving with 8 is a podcast for moms. As moms we are constantly in survival mode, but motherhood is so much more than surviving. When we learn to thrive, which is daily progression not perfection, we will have joy even while doing dishes, folding laundry, and changing diapers. Join me, Candace Larson (mother of 8), to discuss the ups and downs of being a mom so we can keep thriving!

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  Have you ever considered that moms need an "elevator pitch"? This is an intentional way of introducing ourselves to others. The purpose is not to impress, but to share and connect with someone.    As licensed health educator Stacy Goulding points out, at times it’s easy for us to say “nothing” when someone asks “What’s new?”. But we need to be confident in sharing what we are doing right now, whether it’s potty-training our toddler, reading a good book, or navigating baseball season.   As we use our elevator pitch to connect with other moms we learn to appreciate others. We begin to recognize that although we may do motherhood differently, we have so much to gain as we collaborate and learn from one another.

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