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Thriving with 8 Podcast dari Candace Larson: Christian mother of 8

Candace Larson: Christian mother of 8

Thriving with 8 is a podcast for moms. As moms we are constantly in survival mode, but motherhood is so much more than surviving. When we learn to thrive, which is daily progression not perfection, we will have joy even while doing dishes, folding laundry, and changing diapers. Join me, Candace Larson (mother of 8), to discuss the ups and downs of being a mom so we can keep thriving!

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After McKenna's 4th child was born she found herself caught in a dark cloud of survival. She wondered if this was just a "new normal". But when the darkness was too much to bear she found herself wondering if her kids would be better off without her. 

In this episode of Thriving With 8 Podcast, McKenna Rose Brown shares her healing journey and the importance of noticing small signs of anxiety and depression before the big ones comes. She has come to learn that vulnerability leads to connection and growth and that you don't need to suffer alone. Life can be both beautiful AND have struggles. Life is worth living and your kids DO need you.

Stiry Story: I am McKenna

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